What is forgiveness?

Being a human being does mean that we make mistakes.
Everyone through-out time, has made many mistakes.
Everyone will continue to make mistakes.
We are all prone to making mistakes,
and we need to make mistakes
– it is part of being human.

Most mistakes are of two kinds – commission or by omission.
In both, someone gets hurt and harm is done.
In some mistakes no one is hurt, so no harm done.
We learn from it what we can, and move on.

simpsons - forgive me


Other mistakes we make, may get hurt someone.
Sometimes we may not know that we hurt someone,
but other times we do.
When we hurt others, and we know we did,
we need to seek forgiveness.

But seeking forgiveness is a tough thing.
Our ego may crumble, and
It may be humbling and humiliating.
Yet, we muster courage to seek forgiveness.

Seeking forgiveness is not only for that someone’s benefit,
It is, to break the shackles of Karmic bonds.
It is an act of love and kindness towards the other person,
and to bestow the gift of love and compassion to one-self.

The person may forgive – Great!
or may not – Doesn’t matter.
The act of asking is enough to start to break the bonds of karmic ties.


We’ve been wronged and we’ve been hurt.
It’s not fair, but it’s part of being human.
We may cry for vengeance, or scream for revenge,
Yet, our greatness comes from love and forgiveness.

We forgive them, whether they ask or not…
for the love of our being and for our sake, not theirs.
Forgiveness breaks the shackles of past karmic ties….
does not matter who fault it is, or how much we have been wronged.
The universe shall deal with them fairly and squarely, that is for sure.
We leave it to the universe to deal with them.
We don’t need to deal with them….
We learn to love ourselves, in the act of forgiveness,
by bestowing kindness and compassion to one-self.
We deserve peace in our hearts and mind.
That peace is ours to take….
…and it starts with forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the economy of the heart… forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.
- Hannah More