What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is not about experience!

Neither is it an inconceivable or mind-blowing event,
Nor some vague or fuzzy experience that happens to a unique someone.

If a known experience is experienced,
then it simply validates what you already know.
If an unknown experience is experienced,
then the experience is befuddling, confusing, and discombobulating.
Sometimes, it may even be mystical or supernatural,
but it certainly is not enlightenment.

What is not known, is Ignorance.
Only knowledge can remove Ignorance.
With knowledge, one knows.
Once one knows, one becomes “Enlightened!”
Knowledge is enlightening!

simpsons - enlightenment

All experiences remain within the realm of duality.
The experiencer (Subject) experiencing the experience (Object),
is but a “Dual experience”.
A “Dual experience” cannot bestow anyone the knowledge of ONENESS.

ONENESS is THE reality!
It IS, the reality of existence!
To know this reality, one needs to gain the vision of ONENESS.
When one gains this vision of ONENESS, one is “Enlightened”.

“Enlightenment” is not through one’s eye, but through one’s mind.
It is with the mind one sees the vision of ONENESS.
It is with the mind that one sees,
without a shadow of any doubt,
all that exists in this universe and others,
all that there is…is ONE.
ONE without a second. ONE followed by none other.

Because one sees it, one knows it.
Because one knows it, one experiences everything in the universe as ONE.