Ayurveda is a comprehensive ancient system of living healthily and harmoniously with nature. This science of life has its origins in the ancient tradition of the Veda, which can be traced back 6,000 years or more.

In Sanskrit, Ayur means life; and Veda is an authoritative body of divine knowledge that was revealed to the wise ancient sages in India. The combination of the two words AYUR + VEDA yields the meaning, a “body of knowledge with respect to healthy living.”

Ayurveda is a highly evolved and refined form of science that is unmatched by any other health or healing system. It not only is an ingenious health care system for living a healthy life, but an integrated system that illustrates how to live in harmony with nature. Since human beings are part of nature, Ayurveda reveals harmonious and balanced ways to dynamically integrate our body, mind, and spirit in a given environment and climate. Ayurveda suggests protocols that help people stay vital and healthy at all times for every age group. It offers practical tools, insights, guidelines for daily and seasonal diet, routines and behavior that encourage a healthy co-existence with nature. When the human body breaks down and fails to remain healthy, Ayurveda presents a natural and holistic healing system for treating illness with no known side-effects.

This ingenious system works on a fundamental premise that, “…the human body has the intelligence and abilities to produce the necessary pharmacological needs to heal itself.” A human body fails to naturally heal itself after being subjected to prolonged unhealthy lifestyle in an unhealthy environment, which eventually breaks down and becomes sick. A well-trained Ayurvedic physician knows how to “jump-start” a sick body to begin the production of necessary medication, so that it can heal itself.

Ayurveda confronts illness by treating the source of the illness while addressing the whole person, rather than simply treating individual symptoms. As a holistic health system, Ayurveda goes a step further, by treating people as an inextricable part of the whole universe and not as isolated individuals. It sees life as an exchange of energy and knowledge between individuals and their extended environment. If an environment is thriving, the individual thrives; if the environment is toxic, the individual becomes sick. Therefore, learning how to eliminate toxicity while living in a healing environment and eating healthy foods, is key to harmonious and healthy living.

Ayurveda is the wisdom of the ages, that helps human beings live a healthy and holistic lifestyle in the modern stressful world.