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  • I wanted to tell you that in the short time I have been a student with you I have had a miracle in my life. I am no longer afraid. Previously in life I was so fearful of life of death of what was next. I am no longer afraid. Even when faced with death or faced with the questions of other regarding what will happen to me. I’m truly not afraid anymore. This is a miracle. This fear plagued me my whole life.

  • Before I met Swami Svatmananadajee I had read books about Vaastu but their fundamentals made as little sense to me as the ones for Feng Shui. The same applied for Ayurveda. After a few lectures, everything suddenly fell into place and I felt as if he had the keys to the original knowledge, that most authors and teachers had not.

  • From the first moment I met Swami Svatmananda at a short lecture, his presence has always been a source of calm for my soul. I remember making sure to be in the front row, something drew me to him and what he was about to share. Just being in the same room allows peace for my heart. We can’t ever just have a surface conversation, it always finds its way to be meaningful and fulfilling; a constant reminder of the truth of all that is, even if the world around us tries to make us forget with each step. He always reminds me why I’m here and just to keep walking toward the truth. It is my honor to call him teacher, and friend.

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